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Country Kitchen Decor for Small Room

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Can a country kitchen decor be applied for a small area? Yes, of course. Why not? Just like other rooms at home, a kitchen can be decorated in many different ways including a country decor.

For some families, kitchen is considered as the heart of home. It means that no matter what the decor is, a kitchen should be a space where all the family members can enjoy meals while spending good time together. This can be achieved by decorating it with a comfy country style.

A country style is not only comfortable but also able to make us relaxed. It is not flashy neither ostentatious.

country kitchen decorations

However, many people think that it will be not easy to apply a country decor to small kitchen. Actually, although you know some tips below, you will soon have a wonderful country kitchen.

Country kitchen decorating ideas for small area cover some points such as paint colors, cabinetry, and decorative accents. Let’s start with the paint colors. For a small kitchen, try light paint colors.

Pale pink, sage, and light blue seems wonderful. Such light colors will make the kitchen appear larger than it actually is. You won’t feel you have a small and dull kitchen.

For small kitchens, avoid dark wooden cabinets. They are not suitable with country kitchens. Instead, choose cabinets made of lighter wood. Again, light colors work well for small country kitchens.

For more an old-fashioned look, apply a fizzy painting technique. In this technique, the painting will give an aged look. In order to complete the look of the country kitchen, incorporate some decorative accents such as delicate lace curtains and rustic paintings.

For more country kitchen decorations, you should read home-design magazines. There you can find hundreds of country kitchen decoration ideas. All of them are really appealing.

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