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Find the Perfect Fit Butcher Block Kitchen Island

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There will always be challenge when people want to design and decorate their kitchen. They realize that they need a kitchen which is functional and beautiful at the same time.

They must not forget about the storage as well as working space in the kitchen. Installing the kitchen cabinet as well as kitchen counter is a must but many people also consider about installing a kitchen island for providing more working space in the kitchen.

Various types of the kitchen island can be found and some people choose butcher block kitchen island.

butcher block kitchen island plans

This kitchen island is offered with various styles and finishes after all. The most common option is the end-grain parquet pattern style which is made with hardwood such as maple or oak. It will be finished with various options from unfinished to oil treated.

The face grain style can also be found a lot with popular unfinished as well as lacquered finishing options. Bamboo butcher block actually is getting more and more popular as well. It will be valuable addition for the kitchen and it can be great surface for presenting wine and cheese as well as main dishes.

However, people must not forget that caring the bamboo surface will need special attention.

It is necessary for people to find the perfect fit butcher block to be installed in their kitchen island. They have to consider about the reasonable distance between the edges of any side of the kitchen island with other items in the kitchen.

Open room should be owned if people consider the kitchen island with closed cabinets or drawers. If people want to create the permanent kitchen island, they should keep the kitchen work triangle.

People have to consider about the height when choosing the lighting. People have to consider about the main function of the kitchen island to make it perfect choice for their kitchen and cooking experience.

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