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French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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French country kitchen offers homeowners with comfort and a touch of rustic look. It is elegant and perfect for a gathering. Having this particular kitchen design will make your guests feel more at home.

Gathering in this kitchen with friends or family will create more intimate relationship since this kitchen oozes warm and comfort.

french country kitchen cabinets

French Country Kitchen Décor

To create a kitchen with French country look, you must, of course, apply the French country kitchen décor in your kitchen. The color palette that will make your kitchen has a French country look is soft color combination such as, creamy yellow and soft green, blue and white, or beige and muted grays.

To brighten up this color combination, adding floral curtains or table cloth is a good idea. Adding a touch of bronze kitchen appliances will make the kitchen oozes warmer and cozier atmosphere. The French country kitchen decoration is a combination of different materials.

One of them is the French country kitchen cabinets that are made of aged wood. These kitchen cabinets combined with stainless steel and copper kitchen utensil will give a layered look.

The combination of various materials also offers a mix of different styles from different centuries. Therefore, this decoration idea will make your kitchen looks a bit vintage but sophisticated.

Another decoration idea that will make your kitchen has a French country look is magnificent details. One of them is that by having brick walls.

Having kitchen wire insert or kitchen cabinets with beautiful woodcarving or antique bras cabinet hardware will also make your kitchen has a classic French look. Your kitchen will have a strong French country look if you installed arch windows in your kitchen.

Lighting is an important part to make your kitchen has the country French look you desired. One of the options is that by having lamps with warm golden beam. The golden beam will make your kitchen looks welcoming and friendly at nights.

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