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Ideas for Country Kitchen Designs

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Country kitchen designs are known for their light colors, stunning furniture, and striking accessories. If you are planning to remodel the kitchen this weekend, you can consider a country kitchen.

This design actually originates from France. You can start from walls and floors. For your information, country designs are identical with wood.

Wooden flooring is perfect for this country kitchen. What about the walls? They are painted on yellow mustard, Matte, or other classic light colors. Apart from woods, a country kitchen is also known for stone element.

This element can be seen from stone fireplaces, countertops, and stone walls. The combination of stone and wood element is one of the main characteristics of a country kitchen.

country kitchen design ideas

Country Kitchen Design

For the furniture, a country kitchen design has pieces made of rustic wood finished with weathered gray. Leave furniture pieces unfinished.

This will enhance the country feel of the kitchen. Cabinets, dining table, and shelves with natural wood tones are perfect for the kitchen.

Buy a home design magazine from your nearest bookstore. There, you can find a lot of useful things about kitchen decoration especially the country style.

Country Kitchen Designs Ideas

After you have chosen the furniture pieces, it is time to look for some accessories to complete the kitchen look. The presence of accessories is very powerful to create the country atmosphere throughout the kitchen.

When selecting the accessories, you should consider some country kitchen designs ideas. Referring to one idea can help you narrow down the choices. Some country kitchen has a dining table with benches as in a farmhouse style.

Other people may have their own taste so that they may use different ideas. The ideas that you choose cover the choice of fabric for window frame, leafy green plants, lighting fixtures, etc. Make sure every piece that you use can complement other pieces as well.

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