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Jigsaw Would Help if You Know How to Install Kitchen Sink

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The sink is very important for kitchen and bathroom in our home. If you know how to install a kitchen sink drain, you will not need to call someone install your new sink.

how to install a new kitchen sink

Steps to Install the Sink

Rotate the new sink and place it where it will be installed. Mark it with a pencil around the sink. When arranging the installation, do it on the edge of the sink. If you have a large sink, you might strengthen it in the edge of the sink.

After measuring the sink, you can remove the marker and draw a line 3/8 in the line that you have marked before. This is the real cutline for the sink. Use a drill with a 7/8 and bit shovel to drill four holes, one in each corner on the line. This hole will be the starting point for sawing the holes.

So, it must be big enough to fit the saws hole. Cut a hole for the sink; use a jigsaw to cut along the line between each hole. It is very important to follow the line but it’s not important to have a perfect straight edge. The jigsaw will help you to make straight and curved cut.

Preparing the New Sink

Before installing the sink, put putty on tap holes along the edge of the channel in the opening sink and press the filter to its place. Turn the sink and tighten the lock nut with wrench. To strengthen, create a stable filter with pliers to make it spin.

Install the gasket on the sink pipe and attach it to the bottom. Tighten the nut by hand. Before installing the sink drain, make sure that the garbage disposal installed directly under the sink. Rotate clockwise until it is firmly attached. Install the assembly exhaust pipe that comes with your sink.

Apply putty around the bottom of the sink. Flip the sink carefully and install it. By firmly and accurately drain, the sink will be strong and installed properly.

Use the mounting clips to pull the sink down. This clip connects to the edge of the sink. Tighten with a screwdriver. Once the sink is installed and secure, place the pipe putty around the bottom mounted faucet body and attach it to the sink. Fill the sink with water and leave it overnight to add weight and help sink stable on its place.

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