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Right Floor Plans for Your Small Bathroom

Jan 26, 2013 BY Leave a comment

When we talk about bathroom, we talk about one of many rooms in our house that become the place where we can have relaxation and release our stress, plus take a bath. Because of all benefits that bathroom can give to us, it’s important to make your bathroom become the best bathroom that can really give all of those benefits.

For that reason, you need to give proper attention of all aspect of your bathroom. One of them is your bathroom floor. There’re many choices of design and style that you can use for your bathroom floor.

But, if your bathroom is small, it could be a problem. No need to worry. Here’re some of great ideas for your small bathroom floor plans.


First is the color of the bathroom floor. Because your bathroom has small size, it would be better, if you choose the color that has high contrast with the wall color.

It can give your bathroom a wider view. Because your bathroom has small size, it would be better, if you put inside your small bathroom floor plans, a simple color choice. Do not use too many different colors for your small bathroom. It doesn’t fit with your bathroom size. It would be better, if the color of your bathroom vanities and fixtures is suitable with the color of your bathroom floor.

Beside color, the material and pattern that you choose for your bathroom floor is also important. If you want to make your small bathroom has elegant and luxurious design, you can use the ceramic floor. But, choose the product that has simplest pattern. Wood floor is also good choice, especially if you also use wood bathroom furniture.


The most important thing in small bathroom floor plans is windows and light. Right setting of these two aspects will give your bathroom great change. You can do all this designing stuff by yourself. But, if you don’t have enough time to design and create plan for your bathroom, hiring professional is good ideas.

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