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The Tools on How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

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Having a new cabinet and install it by yourself would not be spent your money. Every store which sells cabinets and storage cabinets for cooking utensils will be having a guide book in installing the cabinets. But if you do not have the guide book, there are some tips that might help you.

how to install kitchen base cabinets

Installing the Highest Cabinet

How to install kitchen cabinets diy? Firstly, make a mark on the wall using the base of cabinet when installing wall cabinet. When installing the cabinet, you might remove the door first to make it easier to lift and install the cabinets.

Doors will be installed after the cabinet already in place. Use a drill to make a hole in the back of the cabinet and adding electrical wiring for under cabinet lights that will be installed later.

After that, install the corner cabinet first and another cabinet can adjust the angle if the cabinet is already installed. After that, do the same thing with the second cabinet, the third and so on. Use wood screws to stabilize the cabinet when it is fastened to the wall and into the corner cabinet.

After installing the cabinets, install it aligned and perfectly. Make a hole using a drill to make a frame of the bottom cabinet. These steps are repeated for all units of cabinet which will be installed by placing the cabinet, smoothing, and drilling.

Before installing the upper cabinet, measure the sides of the cabinet and the wall. Use wood glue, drill, wood gun, and wood screws as tools for hanging the cabinet door and make a little adjustment on the hinges. Make sure that door cabinet hung well and can be opened correctly.

Installing Bottom Cabinet       

You can start by creating a framework by using the board into the bottom of the frame. The first two cabinets placed in parallel position and flanked together using clamps, like installing the upper cabinets; the bottom cabinets must be installed together using stainless steel screws.

Make the first hole and attach the screws. Install the base cabinet carefully for easy to access. Because the base cabinet can ensure the door can be opened correctly.

Also, do the measurements on the space left between the two parts to the stove and the sink. Attach the cabinet to the floor in order to strengthen the cabinet and use can use a wooden gun as the gluten. Do it repeatedly when attaching the last cabinet.

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